Wise Owls

Date: September 15, 2011 Author: cake Categories: Specialty Cake Pops

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With the fall season in full force, and Halloween just around the corner, owls are a ‘wise’ choice. These adorable creatures are a hot in home decor (pillows, paintings, stoneware, wall decals, blankets, stuffed toys) and are the perfect theme for birthday parties, baby showers or even Thanksgiving celebrations.

Wise Owl Cake Pops

For the cake flavour, I chose Vanilla Bean Buttercream. After forming the body and ears, I coated them in dark chocolate.  This dark chocolate is sooooo smooth! Then, using custom-coloured fondant, I  shaped the eyes, wings, and beak. For the feet I use large star like sprinkles — and voilà!

And with that, I'll leave you with a song we used to sing when we were children, when we went trick or treating. The older folks made us sing a song before we could get our treat, and my twin and I really wanted a treat...so... this is what we sang: (Ahem!)

"Hooo said the owl, who's afraid of Halloween?
Oooh said the owl, who's afraid of Halloween?
Black cats here, black cats there
Funny little faces everywhere!
Ha ha ha, hee hee hee
Who's afraid of Halloween? Not me!"

Happy Autumn, and Happy Halloween everyone!


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