Basic Information 

Cake pops are a party on a stick! Made from home-style baked cake blended with real buttercream icing, coated with quality chocolate; we add a lollipop stick, and then exquisitely decorate them with our signature designs.

Cake pops Lane cake pops are handmade using fresh, quality ingredients: organic flour, organic raw sugar, fresh lemon and orange rind and the freshest of spices in our specialty pops. We use only real buttercream icing, and only the best quality cocoa, and chocolate coating.

We offer three types of cake pops:

  • Our Basic Cake Pops are decorated with sprinkles or drizzle.
  • Designer Cake Pops are decorated with special designs and toppings, such as flowers or sugar pearls.
  • Specialty (Character & Holiday) Cake Pops are shaped and decorated to create fun treats like puppies, owls, babies— or pretty much anything you can imagine!

Cake Pops are the perfect treat for any event: birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, dinner parties, corporate events, baptisms, holidays...and they're perfect as a gift, or party favour.


How long will my cake pops last and how should I store them?

If the cake pops aren’t being eaten right away, or if there are leftovers, we recommend eating them within 10 days. It’s best to store your cake pops in a sealed container at room temperature. Cake pops don’t need refrigeration (refrigeration could cause condensation and change the appearance of the chocolate). However, it is important to avoid heat, to prevent the chocolate coating from melting. But the real question is...why would you have any leftovers?

Are your cake pops nut/allergen free? 

While most of our ingredients are peanut free, we cannot guarantee our cake pops to be nut or allergen free. 

What is your minimum order amount?



Where can I buy Cake Pop Lane Cake Pops? 

Our cake pops are created in a commercial kitchen that doesn’t have a storefront, but when you place an order on our website, we can deliver your cake pops to you anywhere in Toronto, or arrange a location for you to pick up (for more information, see our Delivery page). We hope to have a storefront in the near future!